I dedicate this novel to my ever-patient wife, Pat, who has endured the highs and lows of my experiences in the world of popular music. I am my own worst critic, and I know there have been times when she must have wondered whether its completion would ever become a reality.

I salute the many stars of song and dance movies and records who fashioned my musical tastes.

Although the characters and events in this book are entirely fictitious, the extraordinary successes and accomplishments of these influential artists are gratefully acknowledged as the yardsticks by which the achievements of the fictional characters may be accordingly assessed

The inclusion of any of these artists is also to reinforce the chronological accuracy of events, and to highlight their popularity. It probably goes without saying that they have been singled out because they so accurately reflect my own musical tastes of the period.

My thanks and appreciation are extended to Jane Powell, Dolores Gray, Alma Cogan, Frank Sinatra, Doris Day,

Peggy Lee, Jane Morgan, Eydie Gormé, Ann Blyth, Petula Clark, Shirley Bassey, Elvis Presley and other artists of the period covered in this book, for taking me down musical paths which ultimately led to inspiration for this novel.

Special thanks are due to Connie Francis, whose record-breaking achievements set the bar for all female singers, and whom it is my joy to call my friend.