For the moment, this is a hoped-for plan. I am encouraged by the comments of those who have read the novel. Theirs is a consistent view that "Nights of the Turntable" has the makings of a highly entertaining movie or TV series. As far as the latter is concerned, the fact that I am now working on a sequel offers the prospect of more than one season! "Nights" covers the period 1953-1960. Its planned sequel, "Daze of the Weak", continues the story through to 1970. The harsh reality is that getting any book to be considered for filming is no easy task. Nevertheless, with an eye on the prospect of such an eventuality, these are the actors to whom I would safely entrust my characters.

CHACE CRAWFORD - Jim Gordon, President of Revolution Records

One day, while channel hopping, I happened to latch onto an episode of Gossip Girl in which the camera was focusing on Blake Lively and her male co-star. Although teen fare, the love affair the camera was having with both young leads persuaded me not to move on. I confess that I incorrectly forecast big things for the then 25 years old Crawford, who last year certainly failed to strike a hoped-for gusher with his short-lived TV series Blood & Oil. Nevertheless, as both Nate Archibald in Gossip, and Billy LeFever in Oil, I see many of the elements present in my leading character, Jim Gordon.

Present age: 31

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VANESSA HUDGENS - Rose Camillo, female singing sensation

Vanessa rose to prominence in the American High School Musical TV series, and consolidated her success with several television and movie appearances for the Disney Channel. It was, however, in the FOX TV 'live' production of Grease, in which she took on the role of Rizzo, so magnificently played by Stockard Channing in the 1978 movie, that she impressed. Indeed, "There Are Worse Things I can Do" than by-pass Vanessa who, I feel, has displayed the ability to produce all the emotional, troubled and spirited vocals required for this crucial character.

Present age: 27

MICHAEL PARR - Graham Taylor, Best friend of Jim Gordon and co-founder of Revolution Records.

I regard Michael as being one of the most exciting British soap stars of the past two decades. Currently to be seen as bad boy Ross Barton in ITV's long-running soap, Emmerdale, he has successfully encouraged audiences to hate him, sympathise and laugh with him as he effortlessly highlights his character's many moods. I am confident he would make the perfect Graham. He usefully also happens to have an American mother, and thereby dual nationality and a green card! Chief danger is that he may be appropriately recognised and affect any proposed budget accordingly!

* Or cast as Pete Jenson

Present age: 29

MORGAN JAMES - Sandra Amies, singer with a dubious past, and wife of Jim Gordon.

Having examined all the current leading female record stars in their thirties, I confess that none of them excite me as much as Morgan James. Whether as a solo artist, or member of the sensational Postmodern Jukebox, Morgan grabs one's attention. With Broadway and musical theatre performances to her credit, I consider her ideal for the part of Sandra Amies, whose character calls upon her to project several different vocal styles, all of which Morgan has performed to perfection.

Present age: 34

DYLAN SPROUSE - Rex Martin, singer with complicated background, discovered in a gay bar.

Dylan and his twin brother Cole Sprouse were born in Arezzo, Italy to American parents. Their acting career began at six months when they shared the role of Brett Butler's youngest child, Patrick, in the ABC TV series Grace Under Fire (1993), followed by other television appearances. They took a break from acting in 2011 to attend college, from where they graduated last year. Dylan has recently returned to acting and, while his breaking out into singing has been confined to childhood performances, I think he has potential.

Present age: 23

PENN BADGLEY - Pete Jenson, magnetic pop star.

Another of the fine cast of Gossip Girl actors. The question is, could either Penn or Chace Crawford be persuaded to again co-star with the other? Penn would do great justice to the role of Graham Taylor, while his singing ability and screen persona would be well suited to Pete Jenson, who dramatically re-shapes the lives of all characters. Either way, I would have every confidence in his portrayal of one of my novel's principals.

* Or cast as Graham Taylor

Present age: 29