Highly Entertaining!

I was attracted to this book because of its plot lines, the Fifties popular music backdrop and the background of its author, Ron Roberts. I admit that despite the old saying, I was also drawn to this book through its original cover artwork, which I subsequently learned had also been designed by the author, and does, indeed, accurately reflect the book’s content.
Roberts has created a group of believable characters, every one of whom is flawed in some way but, for most, their shortcomings invoke sympathy and a liking of them. There is no doubt that he knows his musical facts and that all dates provided are wholly accurate. These he has scattered throughout the novel to add authenticity to the proceedings and the period in which they are set. If, as popularly believed, an author’s début novel contains a degree of biographical content, one could reasonably assume his main character, Jim Graham, is his fictional alter ego. The record stars, on whom his singers may have been based, are more intriguing and invite comment.
This is a highly entertaining page-turner of a novel which deserved to succeed. Ron Roberts has already announced plans for a sequel that he intends naming “Daze of the Weak”. Since I am already looking forward to it, I have no hesitation in making this a five-star review.


This book is one of the best books I have read in a very long time

This book is one of the best books I have read in a very long time. I had never heard of the author and I am amazed at his writing talent and I am already looking forward to his next book.
"Nights Of The Turntable" is a very absorbing novel of of the fifties music scene and the story that unfolds is both gripping and entertaining and to me would make an excellent film or TV series.
Highly recommended.

D. Kilbride

Nights of the Turntable.

Wonderful. Ron Roberts is a man who knows his business and has a wonderful way with words.


Ron's description of the 'times' of the 1950's in the music business are captivating. And I love the emotion he creates, especially in the last few pages (which I won't spoil by describing here!)
Really glad I bought this book and would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a great read.


When They Ruled The World: girl singers!!

Right out of the gate the book entertains and you are in the world of music and records. A delightful escape and journey through the making of hit records post WWII and into the 1960s.
Girl singers like Teresa Brewer, Patti Page, Connie Francis and Eydie Gorme are only some of the names one dreams about as the book continues. Bonafied stars selling millions of records around the world with distinct voices, may have been short in stature, but with their bigger than life voices ruled the airwaves. Ron Roberts captures this in his wonderful piece of fiction.

Allan G.


Excellent novel which I believe provides real insight into the recording industry, with all of its treachery, which most of us do not think about when buy records by our favorite artists. This novel incorporates the power struggle to reach the top of the industry with lots of love and sex twists, turns and triangles to keep it spicy! Once you begin reading you will want to keep turning the pages.

This is the first novel by Ron Roberts, who has 50 years' experience of the music business, having worked with some its leading personalities, as well as writing freelance articles.

I highly recommend it and cannot wait for the promised sequel, "Daze Of The Weak".

Frances I. Martinez