The story of Jim Gordon’s climb from owner of a small studio to President of Revolution Enterprises, the most successful independent recording company in the United States, and his experiences en route.


Patty Jones, the night club singer he discovers, and falls in love with, who allegedly shared her bed with disc-jockeys to ensure maximum plays for her recordings.


Rose Camillo, the small town girl who realizes his ambition to create a female records superstar. The possessor of an extraordinarily haunting voice, she is also the mother of Jim’s child and a victim of personal tragedy.


Victor Griffiths, rival recording company president who operates his own casting couch methods when auditioning would-be teenage pop stars.


Rex Martin, discovered in a gay bar, whose troubled past is instrumental in securing Revolution’s independence.


Pete Jenson, groomed by Jim Gordon for stardom, whose success and magnetism has a devastating and irreversible effect on all.